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CarerSupport integrated, deployed and tested an integrated ICT platform enabling the participation and collaboration of informal carers, psychologists and health professionals towards facilitating the training, learning, orientation, tele-consulting and psychological support of the carers. Based on this platform, the project deployed and ssessed a wide range of services to informal carers including training, learning and orientation programmes for informal carers; psychological support services aiming at alleviating the stress of informal carers, and collaboration and tele-consulting services between formal and informal carers.

Expected results and impact

CarerSupport platform and services aim to improve the informal carers’ performance, so boosting the quality of provided care, while alleviating costs associated with the support of the elderly and vulnerable individuals. Such cost reductions will have a positive impact on both family and governmental budgets. Overall, CarerSupport aimed to invert the loop of current support services for informal carers on the basis of a technology-driven and more integrated approach, that eases the participation of all stakeholders (health care organisations, individual formal and informal carers’, care service providers, etc.)

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