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The project DIANA aims to optimise the nursing process in an innovative way by relieving nursing staff of routine tasks which could be managed by a digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence. A smart 3D sensor and an online platform are combined to provide an easy-to-use application with many functions: monitoring safety of patients 24/7 (e.g. unusual behaviour, falls), support activities of daily living (toileting, bathing etc.) and observe health trends of patients (e.g. water intake, changes in  behaviour patterns). End-users of DIANA will be adults of 65 years and older receiving professional care of formal caregivers in an institutionalized care setting and are diagnosed with a form of cognitive impairment. Residents and caregivers will share valuable experiences throughout the project, which will influence the development of the system in a continuous feedback loop.


The project aims to improve the life of people suffering from cognitive impairment. By using sensors which deliver anonymous images, activities of people will be detected and analysed. There are basic safety modules like fall detection and light control, which build the basis. Additionally, a virtual assistant will be provided to guide through certain activities of daily living with a special focus on toileting. This should help users to stay autonomous and to keep their dignity. Also, nurses and care givers can be supported in this way, which frees time for personalized care.

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