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Bluepoint Consulting is a team of highly skilled and experienced banking and IT professionals focused on the design and implementation of complex transformation projects in banking and financial services organizations.

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Our service goes beyond providing technology solutions. We help our clients achieve the highest level of core  IT  operational excellence so they can focus on what matters - their  business. Through our comprehensive range of services, we ensure our clients stay ahead in the ever-changing technology landscape and maximize their overall success.

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Our core mission is to work with the banks and our partners in the implementation, upgrade and/or extension and support of the core bank IT systems and to ensure smooth transition and operation throughout the lifetime of these systems.  We are committed from the very start of the project up to the go-live and post-production support to provide reliable, cost-effective services and we have long standing relationships with the banks we have worked with in recognition of this commitment and our efficiency.

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Full implementation or upgrade and integration of Oracle Flexcube core banking system various modules at more than 10 financial institutions



Maintenance and post-go-live support of Flexcube application and underlying technology stack layers in a service model at two commercial banks and a loan portfolio operator



Our combined team has more than 300 years of experience in implementing and maintaining Flexcube core banking systems



with university degrees in Banking, Business or IT, 3 PhD  holders

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We built our business around the core banking system, we have worked in many Oracle Flexcube implementation projects within the South Eastern European region. We have a solid understanding of the functionality and the central role core banking IT plays in the bank IT architecture, we know and we deal with the complexity of the rapid developments in technology and business that happen in the present digital age and we provide deep knowledge and high quality of service for efficient completion of complex transformations at a fraction of the cost.

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We have gained large experience through the implementation, upgrade and support-in-production of core banking systems. We have been involved with many major Oracle Flexcube implementations locally and regionally and our work ranges from scope determination and preliminary gap analysis to end-to-end complex core banking implementation covering most aspects of a bank’s business. Over the last 16 year we have developed in-depth expertise in Oracle Flexcube, we have seen and solved a wild assortment of issues which come up during an implementation – design and parametrize complex products and processes, device work-arounds to limit customization, customizing where needed with a view to the maintenance, integrate in various ways with other systems, size and execute for performance and cost, we have probably dealt with the widest possible breadth of issues in an implementation.

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We have adopted and adhere to the Oracle Unified Methodology for implementation, we plan and work in the project with a view towards minimum business disruption and maximum efficiency, we have identified and use proven tools for efficient testing and training, two major areas where automation can make significant gains in productivity and cost. We have a solid approach, balancing the needs of business with the practicalities of IT and the focus is to maximize value for the bank from the systems in operation. We have the knowledge and experience to go beyond what can be achieved in-house, improving and optimizing end-of-day processes, deploying our own monitoring tools, as well as other tools that we have used ourselves and also implemented in a number of banks.

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Founder and Managing Director


An electrical engineer with experience in IT solutions for manufacturing and a knack for research initially, he developed over time into engineering and then corporate management roles. He eventually founded Bluepoint Consulting in Romania, focused its activities in the banking sector and has been steering the company for the last 15 years building a solid team of dedicated professionals and, together with them executing a series of successful project. He is still interested in research and the proliferation of machine learning and artificial intelligence and the company is still participating in EU research activity with focus to the Ambient Assisted Living Programme (AAL) of the European Commission with an aim to make ICT easier and more useful for the elderly.




  • Comprehensive, integrated, and modular core banking IT system, flexibly deployed to support bank technology and business objectives

  • Support full spectrum of banking operation, from small community banks to large, multinational financial institutions

  • Chosen by more than 319 customers in more than 115 countries



  • Tenjin – Intelligent test execution engine (scriptless, robotic, plug-n-play platform for test automation)

  • Process driven, seamless end-to-end functional testing of business processes with faster test cycles

  • Complete test coverage of key business areas

  • Delivering better software quality, faster



  • Rapidly build high levels of  user competency

  • Deliver strong levels of user adoption

  • Empower the process-driven enterprise

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Oracle Financial Services Software, 2021

Now that we have successfully concluded the first year of post-live support for Bank of Valletta, Malta, in my capacity as Delivery Head for FLEXCUBE Consulting – South Eastern Europe, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your colleagues in Bluepoint Consulting. When we started this implementation, we had selected Bluepoint as a subcontractor in our engagement with Bank of Valletta, Malta for onsite part of the implementation services.  We appreciate the work your team did, they were experienced and highly competent on-site team.  They have been instrumental in helping the bank’s core team navigate through the intricacies and difficulties of this complex transformation program and contributing their fair share to the successful execution of the project. Thank you once again and looking forward to similar association in future.



Oracle Financial Services Sotware Program Manager, 2020

"Oracle engaged Bluepoint as a subcontractor in fall 2016 to assist us with Bank of Valletta (BoV), Malta, the largest Bank in the island, to perform gap analysis on their core banking system and estimate the possibility of migrating to Oracle’s Flexcube Universal Banking System. After the successful analysis, BoV proceeded into a major core banking system replacement project with Oracle. Once again, Oracle engaged Bluepoint as a subcontractor to assist on-site in the project implementation activities, parameterization, data migration, user testing support, advice and bank statements creation etc. FLEXCUBE went live in BoV successfully in January 2020 and since then Oracle has continued to work with Bluepoint in providing day-to-day production support. Overall, it was a job well done and we look forward to future opportunities to work with them again."

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IT Director Banca Transilvania, 2015

“Our bank, Banca Transilvania has implemented the Flexcube core banking system in the period January 2011 December 2012. … During the implementation we appreciated the professional contact, knowledge of Flexcube and the ability of the Bluepoint consultants to plan and execute their tasks, work smoothly with our implementation team, handle the communication with the vendor and solve problems effectively and efficiently. We can therefore state that we have full confidence for the work done by Bluepoint and we are happy to work with them when the opportunity arises.

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CIO Bancpost Romania, 2010

We have been working with the Bluepoint team for several years and they have provided consistently good quality of service, we are satisfied with the smooth collaboration between the people from Bluepoint and our team, and we expect that our collaboration will continue into the next years.

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“We are living longer than ever before, so we need to ensure we are ageing well “.

As time passes, we are not getting younger. Ageing brings many challenges surrounding quality of life as well as the impact on the lives of those around us. And as the digital world extends, we have an opportunity to ensure that with the help of technology, we can continue to live healthy, active and independent lives into our old age.
From a different viewpoint, the ageing of population represents an opportunity, as we can use the world of connected technology and create solutions and products that can change people’s lives for the better.
We therefore invest in research and development of innovative ideas, within the scope of the Ambient Assisted Living Programme (, a funding programme that aims to create better quality of life for older people and to strengthen industrial opportunities in the field of healthy ageing technology and innovation.


DemiCare will use AI-based technologies for personalized and diversity sensitive information extraction from specialist literature and present this information in an easy and understandable way. Additionally, caregivers are supported in terms of their well-being, by interventions for stress reduction.

The integrated health monitoring of the PwD (person with dementia) helps to increase the safety for the person but also supports the caregiver psychologically by having current information about the well-
being of the person with dementia. This data is as well relevant and accessible for the responsible health professionals.


The project DIANA aims to optimise the nursing process in an innovative way by relieving nursing staff of routine tasks which could be managed by a digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence.


iCan is an online platform and application that focuses on intriguing seniors to occupy themselves with something that will help them remain active and self-assisted.


POSITIVE aims to solve loneliness of the seniors caused not by social isolation resulting from immobility – but by a lack of a meaningful purpose in life, disconnection, boredom.


An exercise gaming platform is developed and evaluated combining technology, end-user needs and interoperability.


CarerSupport integrated, deployed and tested an integrated ICT platform enabling the participation and collaboration of informal carers, psychologists and health professionals towards facilitating the training, learning, orientation, tele-consulting and psychological support of the carers.

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Strada Barajul Argeș 11, București 014121, Romania

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